2021/2022 Return to School FAQ

Question: Will all students that are not fully vaccinated be forced to wear a mask?

Answer: Yes, Governor JB Pritzker announced an Executive Order August 4, 2021 that requires masks to be worn indoors by all Illinois teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.

Question: If my student is eligible for the vaccine, do we have to get them vaccinated?

Answer: No. At this time, vaccines are optional and left up to the individual student, parent, and/or staff member. The IDPH and ISBE encourages individuals to receive the vaccine. Massac Unit #1 has assisted in promoting the administration of the vaccine by hosting vaccination clinics at the high school.

Question: When will you ask if my student has been vaccinated?

Answer: At this time, the only time a student will be asked about vaccination is when the health department is considering a quarantine situation for exposure to a positive case. Individuals that can prove they were vaccinated will not have to quarantine unless they are symptomatic after an exposure.

Question: Is the school required to maintain social distancing at all times

Answer: No. The goal is to maintain at least three (3) feet of physical distance between students as often as possible. The ISBE has recognized that this may not be possible within our schools at all times. This is one reason that masks are still recommended for individuals that have not been vaccinated. We will continue to do the best that we can in regards to physical distancing.