Registration Information

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Returning Students entering Grades 1 through 12

Online re-registration is now available through Alma for students returning in Grades 1 through 12. If you have already signed up and currently use Alma as a parent/guardian, please read through the help guide or watch the following tutorial video (posted below). If you have not signed up for an Alma account, please fill out the form available at this link - Request Access to Alma, then refer to the help guide or video.

Alma Start Tutorial Video

Alma Start Re-registration (Tutorial Video).mp4

Please Note: If you are completing the student fee waiver form, please do not pay the student registration fee until we process your fee waiver submission.  If the waiver is approved, we will void the registration fee invoice.  Some additional documentation may be required for fee waiver approval.

Only the registration fee can be paid online. Registration fee notifications will be sent in mid June. The parking fee must be paid in-person at MCHS and will not appear in Alma.