2022 Feasibility Study

Massac Unit #1 and Joppa-Maple Grove Unit #38 commissioned a feasibility study of combining both districts. The feasibility study was performed by Midwest School Consultants: Dr. William H. Phillips, Dr. Scott L. Day, Dr. Leonard R. Bogle, and Ms. Lisa Schuenke. The study was presented to both School Boards on June 9, 2022 at Shawnee Community College. The team reviewed their findings in the following presentation linked below. The full complete feasibility study is also linked below.

Next Steps:

Both school boards now have the option of following the recommendations of the feasibility study or disregarding them completely. If both boards agree with the study recommendations, they can vote to put the issue on a referendum. This would also require approval from the Regional Office of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education. If approved, the question would be placed on the ballot of the next election to be decided by the voters in each district. If the majority of voters in each district approve, plans would be created to combine Massac and Joppa school districts.

At this time, nothing has been decided. Both boards are reviewing the final results of this study. Updates will be posted here as soon as they are available.