Text Alerts

May 25, 2017

We have retired our old text messaging system that was used for emergency alerts (snow days, etc). 

Beginning today, we will be utilizing Remind for text communications at the district level. 
To receive alerts and other notifications from our schools, please follow the directions below.

To receive text alerts from the school(s), text the code listed below to 81010.
For example, to subscribe to Brookport, text @brookporte to 

 School   Code  
Brookport Elementary School @brookporte 
Franklin Elementary School @franklines
Jefferson Elementary School @jeffelem 
Massac County High School  @massacco
Massac Junior High School  @massacj
Metropolis Elementary School  @metroelem 
Unity Elementary School @unityelem 

To unsubscribe from the school(s), text @leave and the school code to 81010.
For example, to unsubscribe from Brookport, text @leave @brookporte to 81010.