Staff Evaluation

Handouts from 2/26/2016 Half Day  -  PowerPoint        Activities to Engage Students
Evaluation Process Guides/Templates

Massac Unit #1 Evaluation Guidebook - PDF
Final Rating Summary - Word  or PDF 
Process Flow Chart -PDF
Process Timeline List - Tenure - Word  or PDF
Process Timeline List - Non-Tenure - Word  or PDF

The Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching - PDF

Evaluation Rubrics
(Some of the rubrics include the score summary and others are a separate document.)

General Education Teacher Evaluation with Score Summary - Word  or  PDF
Pre-K Teacher Evaluation with Score Summary - Word  or PDF
School Counselor Evaluation with Score Summary - Word  or PDF
Instructional Specialist Evaluation - Word  or PDF              Instructional Specialist Score Summary - Word  or PDF
Library Media Specialists Evaluation - Word  or PDF          Library Media Specialists Score Summary - Word  or PDF
School Psychologists Evaluation - Word  or PDF                School Psychologists Score Summary - Word  or PDF
Special Ed. Teacher Evaluation - Word  or PDF                  Special Ed. Teacher Score Summary - Word  or PDF
Speech Therapists Evaluation - Word  or PDF                    Speech Therapists Score Summary - Word  or PDF               

Professional Practice Templates

Goal Setting Form - Word or PDF
Lesson Plan Template A - Word  or PDF
Lesson Plan Template B - Word or PDF
Massac Professional Development Plan - Word  or PDF
Massac Remediation Plan - Word  or PDF
Massac Component Improvement Plan - Word  or PDF
Artifact Samples - PDF
Artifact Review Document - Word  or PDF
Professional Practice Connections Graphic - PDF 
Peer Observation Form - Word or PDF
Exempted Student Growth Plan - Word or PDF

Student Growth Templates
Student Growth Final Rating Form - Word or  PDF
Student Growth Goals Approval Checklist - Word or  PDF
Massac Assessment Inventory - PDF
Massac Individual Student Growth Calculation Spreadsheet - Excel
Student Growth Roster Exemption Form - Word  or  PDF
Creating Valid Measurement of Student Learning Flow Chart - PDF
Assessment Critique Form - Word  or PDF
Blooms Taxonomy Teacher Planning Chart - PDF